Research Experience

■ PhD research, School of Human Science, Anthropology, Osaka University (2012-2018)

  • Research focuses;⑴ knowledge production in the laboratory, (2) political and economic aspects of life science
  • Long-term fieldwork research at a laboratory of stem cell science and regenerative medicine in Japan
  • Discourse analysis (media and policy documents) and internet research (SNS, blog and so on)/ In-depth interview with other 100 people (scientists, policy makers, medical doctors, patients and so on)
  • Papers were published in Social Science &Medicine, NatureCulture and more. One paper in press inn Social Studies of Science.

■ Postdoctoral Research, Institute of Humanities, Anthropology, Kyoto University (2018-now)

  • Research focuses as an individual project; (1) how people understand their bodies in particular gut and microbes, (2) how scientific knowledge constructs human and microbe relationships
  • Research focuses as part of an interdisciplinary project (“Planetary Crisis and Local Change”); how people are shifting away from a food system that relies heavily on imported products and mass production by engaging in regenerative agricultural practices
  • Multi-sited ethnography (food workshops, shops, restaurants and laboratories)
  • Digital ethnography and in-depth interview